You're a tiny frog with a gun and you have to go around shooting the enemies. You can use a sword as well as an assault rifle. Will you win? (Most likely yes since the game is quite simple at this point, also bear in mind the game is currently in early access development!)

Please leave feedback if you try the game! I am trying to improve it!

Install instructions

You can download the game for almost any current platform, if you like. 

After you try it please leave feedback!


Download 35 MB
Version 3 71 days ago
Download 184 MB
Version 3 71 days ago
Download 321 MB
Version 3 71 days ago
Download 54 MB
Version 3 71 days ago
Download 39 MB
Version 3 71 days ago


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I really like the game and the moves like the dash, some things I think you should change are, the light affect on the coin, and the game can drop frames a lot. Overall good game. And Instead of the dungeon 1 2 and 3, I would just put a button called start game, and they would be all interconnected.  And maybe at the bottom right, you could add an option to switch dungeons.

hello, thanks for the feedback. im trying to work on the drop frame optimization right now, do you remember what areas of the game were that lagged for you? i'll note down your comment on the coin light effect.